Originally Aired Jun 05, 2006

Hannah tells Nina, who is on the verge of leaving in a day or so for Los Angeles, that Andy has bought her an engagement ring. The two decide to sneak over to his house and have a peek, but Nina can't bring herself to look at the ring. When Jake discovers that Andy has purchased the ring, he has some words with Andy, who still hopes he can propose while it's not too late. Delia has her Bat Mitzvah, at which Amy is forced to watch Ephram having a good time with his new girlfriend, Stephanie, and to confront the fact that she still loves him. Hannah is accepted into Notre Dame on a full scholarship, but must make a choice between leaving Everwood and Bright or staying put and going to Colorado A&M. Meanwhile, the Abbotts grow attached to a baby that is abandoned and try to become its legal keepers, while Edna considers moving to Africa for the third phase of her life.

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