Gilmore Girls

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Originally Aired May 15, 2007

Rory meets her idol, CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour just before she gets a job as a reporter following Barack Obama's presidential campaign. But she has to start right away, meaning that she and Lorelai won't be able to go on their trip to various amusement parks. It also means that the denizens of Stars Hollow can't have the graduation reenactment party they had planned for Rory. But when Luke sees how important this is to the town, he takes it upon himself to organize the event and have it ready for the Gilmore Girls by morning, even though it's supposed to rain. The party overwhelms Lorelai and Rory, prompting Rory to make a speech thanking the town for helping her start her life. Lorelai thanks Luke with a kiss, one that rekindles their romance; Emily and Richard are downtrodden to let Rory go so soon, but relieved to learn that Lorelai will be continuing their Friday night dinners. Finally, Rory thanks her mother for giving her everything she needs to start her life, and the two women chat over coffee in Luke's diner one last time, both of their lives set to begin a new chapter.

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