Harper's Island


Originally Aired Jul 11, 2009

A flashback to sixteen years ago shows Abby and Henry enjoying a wonderful moment of friendship on Harper's Island. Abby whispers something in Henry's ear. Back in the present, Shea and Madison make it to the boathouse where Sully still suspects that Jimmy is Wakefield's accomplice. Abby and Jimmy search the forest for Henry and Trish, and eventually find Trish, dead from a stab wound. Sully sends Shea and Madison back to the mainland in a boat. Henry reaches the boathouse and finds out that the helicopter will arrive in 45 minutes. Henry and Sully head into the woods and Henry slits Sully's throat while his father, Wakefield, looks on. Abby and Jimmy meet Henry in the woods and he leads them into the chapel. Wakefield attacks Abby and Jimmy, but Henry won't get a shot off to save Jimmy. Abby flees and eventually sees Henry in the woods. He tells her that Jimmy is dead before knocking her out. Some time later, on the mainland, Shea and Madison talk to the police and are informed that there were no survivors on Harper's Island. Abby wakes up in the house and Henry reminds her of the childhood wish they shared: To live on Harper's Island forever, just the two of them. Abby breaks out of the house and discovers Jimmy handcuffed but alive. Henry pursues Abby to the edge of the bluffs, but Jimmy tackles him off the cliff. After making sure Jimmy is alive, Abby stabs Henry. Abby and Jimmy ride off into the sunset. In the coda, pre-wedding videos show the victims before all of the madness started.