Tess Of The D'Urbervilles


John Durbeyfield learns of his connection to the distinguished d'Urberville family. Meanwhile, his daughter Tess meets Angel Clare at a dance. John sends Tess to the nearby estate of Mrs. d'Urberville where she meets Alec d'Urberville. Alec, falling for Tess, forges a letter offering Tess a job. Alec begins to seduce Tess, but then rapes her. Tess returns home. Her mortally ill baby dies. Tess leaves home and goes to work on a dairy farm where she again encounters Angel Clare. Tess and Angel fall in love. Angel asks Tess's parents if he can marry her. She feels unworthy, but accepts. After encountering Alec's bailiff, Groby, she decides she must tell Angel everything and writes him a letter. He doesn't read it, and Tess tries to tell him, but he won't listen.