Wicked Wicked Games


Originally Aired Mar 06, 2007

Theodore and Gannon are alerted to Blythe's presence at the engagement party and believe she's there in disguise -- she is; Anna feels it will be difficult to fit in to the girls' lives, since she's been gone for so long; Blythe appears right after the toast and shoots Aaron. When she demands that Theodore show himself, Josh confronts her and demands to see The Boss, and along with Theodore, they are able to get Blythe to end her standoff. One year later, Brooke marries Aaron, Theodore's back as president of The Tides, Brooke plans to move with Aaron to Rhode Island, where he will work and she will go to college; Emma and Josh announce she's pregnant; Blythe's restrained in a mental institution and is being cared for by a nurse with a grudge: Lani.

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