Zeke & Luther


Originally Aired Apr 02, 2012

Part 1 - While in Hollywood, Zeke and Luther meet movie star Vin Jackman who, upon meeting them, casts Zeke as his stunt double. Unfortunately, the stunt he must do is from the top of an extremely tall building. Meanwhile, Ozzie, who tags along on their trip, gets scammed by a fake talent agent into selling Zeke and Luther's car and must do whatever to buy it back. Back at ramps, Kojo is put in charge, but quickly messes everything up.Part 2 - After many contemplatings, Zeke decides to do the stunt. He ends up succeeding, but, after Ozzie gets a picture of what looks like Zeke and Courtney kissing, Vin tries to fight Zeke. Vin then gets injured and the director asks Zeke to take Vin's place in the movie. Fortunately, after he discovers he will no longer be able to do skating, he declines his offer. Meanwhile, Luther becomes a successful rapper alongside a puppet dog. Though, his success means he must tour and leave Gilroy for good. Luther, though, didn't enjoy riding with the back-talking puppet and returned swiftly to home. Elsewhere, Ozzie tries to get a picture of Vin and Courtney kissing to get money from the poparazzi to buy back Zeke and Luther's car. At ramps, Kojo continues goofing up.

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